Sustainable Development Goals: Roadmap for the Future

With the 2030 Agenda, the United Nations have formulated 17 goals for sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a roadmap for the future that will enable people to live in dignity while preserving the natural ressources of life. The projects of Menschen für Menschen make concrete contributions to this.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 1We help families through training in self-help groups and with microcredits. They can buy livestock and seeds and improve their income. We support young people and women with vocational training and start-up capital to build up a livelihood.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 2We teach the smallholders how to increase their production. Beyond self-sufficiency, they then also provide supplies at local markets. During droughts and the Corona crisis, we provide emergency food aid.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 3In our agricultural courses and vocational training, we also teach about preventive health care, family planning and overcoming harmful traditions such as early marriage. We offer slum children medical assistance for acute illnesses.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 4We provide material aid to enable 1,200 children from the poorest families in Debre Berhan to attend school. We train poor women in Addis Ababa to become chefs and housekeepers in a six-month course.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 5We improve the position of women with self-help groups and microcredits. In schools, we initiate “Girls Clubs” to combat discrimination. We train volunteers who educate people in the villages about gender equality.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 6In rural areas, we build wells and spring taps. In urban schools, we provide access to drinking water and sanitary facilities. In our training courses, we also teach the local population about hygiene.

We end child labor by providing material assistance to slum families. We empower women day laborers with training and start-up loans to run a small business. With our irrigation systems, farmers produce for local markets.

«Overcoming the world’s division between rich and poor» is the starting point for Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid: all projects aim to reduce inequalities and enable particularly poor families to live in dignity.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 11We build simple social housing to improve the dwelling conditions of poor families. We grow trees in our plant nurseries. We also give the seedlings to schools and other public institutions, where they provide a better microclimate.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 13Droughts and floods are increasing as a result of climate change. We are planting one million trees in the Fogera project area alone. In this way, we prevent topsoil from being washed away and damage to the water balance. In addition, the trees act as CO2 reservoirs.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 15We teach smallholders how to practice adapted and resource-conserving agriculture. Our reforestations, especially in erosion gullies, counteract the destruction of landscape and nature.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 17Menschen für Menschen works together with Ethiopian non-governmental organizations. The local experts implement the projects together with us. We involve local experts and authorities and promote their further training.


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