Donations instead of gifts for companies

For company anniversaries and every year before Christmas entrepreneurs ask themselves: What do I give to customers and business partners? They ask themselves – knowing full well that ballpoint pens, calendars and other conventional gifts do not bring any real pleasure.

Menschen für Menschen Switzerland offers an alternative: Do good and talk about it! With a donation for the poor people in Ethiopia.

Your profit as a company:

  • Recognition from customers and business partners
  • You save valuable time for selecting, packaging and sending gifts.
  • Tax reduction through our donation receipt
  • You do good beyond your core business

We help you to communicate your commitment to your customers: If required, we can provide you with text modules, photos or the action logo so that you can design your anniversary or Christmas mail to your customers.

Your contact person:

Michael KesselringMichael Kesselring
Responsible donations instead of gifts
Phone +41 (0)43 499 10 60


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Who is happy about a ballpoint pen? Your customers perhaps. These children for sure.

MfM CH Aethiopien Feb. 2015
Abebech Gobena Schule
MfM CH Aethiopien Feb. 2015
MfM CH Aethiopien Feb. 2015
MfM CH Aethiopien Feb. 2015

Donate for a better future

School materials and food

Many children in the big city of Debre Berhan cannot go to school: Their parents don’t even have money for cheap pens and exercise books. Other children find it difficult to concentrate in class because their stomachs are empty. Menschen für Menschen Switzerland future perspectives to the 1000 poorest children in the city. They get food and school materials – and thus a chance for a better future.


Seeds and fair microcredits

Poor Ethiopian farmers do not get a bank loan. Some families in the rural districts of Abaya and Gelana are so impoverished that every year they have to borrow their seeds from traders under appalling conditions: In return, a few months later they have to hand over half of their harvest to the creditor – a debt trap that plunges them into despair. That is why Menschen für Menschen provides seeds and fair microcredits in Abaya and Gelana to make sure they can get out of the debt trap.

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Kinder mit "Danke"-Karten