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What we do for the children

The youth in Ethiopia needs a future

What a young country: 43 out of 100 people in Ethiopia are children under the age of 14! But one in four Ethiopian children under the age of five is malnourished - this means, for example, that four-year-olds weigh four kilograms less than they should.

We provide the poorest children with food to ensure their health development and school success. Because every child has the right to a good future.

This path always leads through education: that was the basic belief of our founder Karlheinz Böhm. But according to official statistics, only 70 percent of girls and boys in Ethiopia complete the first eight years of school. Many young people drop out to contribute to the family income.

We ensure that the poorest children do not have to work and can instead attend school. Foundlings and other orphans find a safe home and prospects for a happy life in the Abebech Gobena children's home.

Ernährungsprogramm für Kleinkinder

Our successes last year

Children's home

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35 children live in our children's home in Addis Ababa

Nutrition program

Icon für Ernährung
455 small children and nursing mothers received protein-rich supplementary food

School supplies

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We supported 966 children with school materials

School uniforms

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Children are not allowed to go to class without uniform clothing. 888 children received school uniforms


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11 children were treated in hospitals for serious illnesses