Vier Auszubildende der Berufsausbildung stehen lachend in Hauswirtschafts-Uniform nebeneinander

Why we offer vocational training

Training instead of fleeing home

Many Ethiopians see only one way out of their material hardship: they travel to the Gulf states, some of them illegally, as guest workers. There they often lead a life as slave labor and are exploited and abused.

Other women have to work as day laborers at home in Ethiopia for starvation wages.

Menschen für Menschen offers them alternatives: In a six-month course, we train particularly poor women to become housekeepers and turn them into sought-after professionals.

Nach der Ausbildung finden die meisten Frauen einen Job

Our successes last year


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267 women completed our training in one year

Home economics courses

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In total, we trained 1,437 women in our six-month courses

Project reports on the subject of vocational training