Donations as an institution

Companies, foundations and public institutions in Switzerland play a major role in our projects to combat poverty and sustainable development in Ethiopia. This collaboration enables us to implement efficient measures in remote areas of Ethiopia with our Ethiopian experts.

We offer companies the opportunity to get involved in society as a whole as part of their “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR). Non-profit foundations without know-how or connections in Africa value our local networks and expertise: We bring your help to the neediest families in Ethiopia. Public institutions such as municipalities support us, among other things, to help solve global challenges such as climate change, which can also affect their own citizens in the long term.

A collaboration with Menschen für Menschen can be one-time, for example with a company anniversary campaign. But we also strive for long-term relationships that bring about lasting changes over the years. In this way, your resources can have a long-term effect and a lasting impact on global poverty reduction.

Through our reporting system with constant monitoring and evaluation of projects, you receive proof and security that your resources are being used efficiently.