Transparency - your donation is effective!

The guarantee to our donors

Our donors receive transparency at all times about how their funds are used. We guarantee this at all stages of our work: from the deployment of specialized employees to the selection and control of partners through to the evaluation of our work by independent bodies and committees such as the Swiss certification body for non-profit and fundraising organizations ZEWO or the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Project control

The core of our transparency assurance is a strict control system that begins with the selection of projects. In principle, Menschen für Menschen Switzerland only carries out projects that can be checked at any time for plan, progress and expenditure. Budgets and schedules are constantly monitored and adjusted if necessary. In order to ensure the efficiency of the projects and the donations used, the foundation is in constant contact with local partner organizations - mutual trust and transparency characterize the foundation's collaboration with local partners. Our projects are usually designed to last a few years in order to avoid dependencies and enable a rapid, smooth transition of the population to independence.

In order to be able to control all activities, we have a country representative and a project coordinator on site in Ethiopia. They have decades of experience in development cooperation and relationships with international and local organizations as well as the Ethiopian authorities.

Cooperation with partner organizations

The Foundation Menschen für Menschen Switzerland implements its projects in Ethiopia primarily through strategic alliances with suitable partner organizations. The collaboration is based on detailed project proposals in accordance with international standards and the principles of the foundation; our employees in Ethiopia are in constant communication with our partners. The collaboration is evaluated by external experts at least every three years.

External control

Auditing company:

The Foundation Menschen für Menschen Switzerland has its accounting audited every year by the independent auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers AG in St. Gallen.

Federal supervision of foundations

The Federal Foundation Supervision in Bern, which is carried out by the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of the Interior, checks every year that the foundation's assets are used in accordance with their purposes.


The Foundation Menschen für Menschen Switzerland is regularly monitored by the independent specialist office for non-profit organizations collecting donations, ZEWO. Menschen für Menschen Switzerland has been ZEWO continously certified since 1999. The ZEWO seal of quality certifies that your donation goes to the right place and does good efficiently. It stands for:

  • the intended, economical and effective use of donations
  • transparent information and meaningful accounting
  • independent and appropriate control structures
  • open, honest communication and fair fundraising