Corporate partnerships

Social responsibility can be part of your corporate philosophy and communicated internally and externally. And it is not only at Christmas time that activities for employee loyalty and customer care can be combined with social commitment. We will be happy to answer your questions about the possibility of a corporate partnership personally. Simply get in touch with us:

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Kelsang KoneKelsang Kone
Managing Director
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Below you will find some suggestions as to what form a corporate partnership can take:

  • Corporate Volunteering: Menschen für Menschen has decided not to offer volunteering assignments as a rule. Our experience has shown that the administrative and support costs are too high compared to the benefits for the people in Ethiopia. How would it be if you became active with your colleagues in Switzerland instead of Ethiopia? Organise a benefit football tournament, organise a book flea market or a benefit concert.
  • Mailings: Help us attract new donors by enclosing our brochure with your mailing.
  • Donations instead of gifts: As a representative in the name of your employees, you can make a donation to Menschen für Menschen. We will be happy to write you a greeting card for Christmas or company newspaper.
  • Company celebrations: We are grateful for every donation that is made during company celebrations. We will be happy to send you information material – even in large quantities.

Examples of business partnerships

Cornèrcard - Cornèr Bank AG
Since 2010, Cornèrcard has been committed to the Menschen für Menschen foundation. In collaboration with Cornèrcard, Rolf Knie has designed six credit cards with various animal and circus motifs. Every time the cardholder pays with the Rolf Knie card, the foundation Menschen für Menschen is supported. Cornèrcard directly donates 0.2% of every purchase made by the cardholder with this card to Aid Ethiopia. Without additional costs for the cardholder.

Gourmesse und Kaffee Badilatti
The gourmet fair “Gourmesse” provided Menschen für Menschen foundation with an exhibitor space in the Kongresshaus Zurich from 2009 to 2011. Thanks to this platform, the Menschen für Menschen Foundation was able to bring the projects and goals of the Foundation closer to gourmet fair visitors while enjoying a cup of the finest Ethiopian coffee. This was only possible thanks to the generous support of the Swiss coffee roaster Badilatti. Kaffee Badilatti provides the Foundation with “Mocca” coffee and equipment free of charge. The family business from Zuoz near St. Moritz has stood for high-quality coffee for three generations.

Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG
Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG has been supporting the Menschen für Menschen foundation since 2011 by selling limited Rolf Knie artist cans. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes to the water projects in Ethiopia.

Swiss top chefs for Africa
Top chef Tanja Grandits has launched the cookbook “Swiss top chefs for Africa” with 19 chef friends. The net proceeds will benefit the foundation. The “Swiss Top Chefs for Africa” have also carried out other campaigns to raise as much money as possible for the foundation.

Pieroth Romanet SA
The traditional wine house Pieroth Romanet, together with Rolf Knie, has carried out a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the foundation. Rolf Knie designed a unique wine label for one of the exclusive wines. For every bottle sold, 2 francs were donated to the foundation. The donation campaign was very well received by both wine and art lovers.