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Donations for Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, three out of ten people live on less than one and a half Swiss francs a day. Many families cannot afford medical treatment and parents die from poverty-related diseases such as tuberculosis.

Menschen für Menschen Switzerland supports the poor in Ethiopia according to the concept of “help for self-development”: We help so that the people in Ethiopia no longer need our help in the future. Your donation will help those in need in Ethiopia overcome poverty and find a future in their homeland.

As a ZEWO-certified foundation, we report regularly. The ZEWO seal of quality certifies that your donation goes to the right place and does good efficiently.

ZEWO-Zertifikat: Roter Kreis mit rotem Haken

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Donors receive a payment confirmation by e-mail and a written donation confirmation for the tax return at the beginning of the year.


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Your donations to the Foundation Menschen für Menschen are tax-deductible according to the regulations in your canton of residence.